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I should shame on me! Not doing an entry in such a logn time and stuff... hm, not my fault, though! Too too busy!

I wanted to go to Gazette's concert at Bonn, but I just COULDN'T! Damn you Gazeboys, next time send me a ticket or something, alright???!!! (T^T)9" seems like everybody ahd so much fun, I need to go to the next one~

Buuuuuut but but but but!There's someone makign my stay here even better than before~~ yeeesh, and I couldn't eb more glad<333 *kisses*

And Myv is back, isn't he?? Wlel, you better come to my dorm, mister, we need to... confabulate!

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The Shou is back! Ha!

Not that it's a big deal, really, but stiiill, I'm back. For real. Seems like a lot of people is back too, and this is really really good!! I need to walk around and meet some new people, meet the old ones that I already know, maybe we can go out to have some fun, huh?? It'd be cool!!

Also, seems like all my band buddies went away, what's rather sad, I hope they'll come back someday (´~`)<3333

NE! Miyavi-san, let's go out now that you're back!!! Swing by my dorm as soon as you cna, alright?? Please!

And I hmm...miss...someone
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Aah I knwo I've promissed to post Tora's huge and monstruous package, but...but...someone *coughrukicough* was threatening me to post this today, so there it is...>->

*DEEEEEEEEEEADEADEADEAD* Aoi-kun looks so sweet, don't you think?! I wish I had seen it in person...*rushes away*
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Aoooooooiiiiiiii, Aooooiiiiiiii~~~~ *sings*

Hnn I haven't been around much (o>->;)o This is bad. I like to socialize, but no problems, I shall bump into someone very soon! I was like REALLY bored today and decided to bump on Aoi's dorm~~ *grins* it was funny, has ben a while since I don't meet any of the Gazetto boys and psc people in general. Aoi kept hitting me because I didn't stop singing, but I'm not stupid and hitted him as well, yes sir~~ Shou's revenge! I need to revenge form you, Aoi, because my face isnt nor get's fluffy because of You-Know-Who (Voldemoooort~~!!).

Btw, Torara!! I'm so sorry for the other thay, I had to go running for...well, business, and also, my mun's internet was screwing so...shuush about that >->;

And I heard that Keiyuu-kun is sick, omg...I must visit him! o(><)o

Aaaah~ I miss him. I mean...we saw eachother yesterday and well, it was pretty nice *nods* But yea yea...Shou misses him the most.

And actually, I don't know if this feeling is good or bad, specially because I'm starting to like it. Oh well...this is live<3<3<3


I CAN WEAR PANTS WITHOUT SHOWING MY TIGHS, MIYAVI!! I shall proof you that! Someday...oh well...>->;; I still owe you guys a photo of Torara's package, so...wait for my next post, yea? Shou shall show (THIS WAS NICE!) you everything! woooooo~~ *stabs self for pervy thoughts*

AOOOOOOOIIIIIII~~~~~~ AOOOOOOOOIIIIIII~~~~~~~ *jumps around Aoi-kun, singning*
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can you feel?


My hear huuuuuurts~~~*whimpers* Anyone there have a medicine or something, I need it, my head feels like exploding at any second *Shou is dead*

Oh wells... I FINALLY found Saga and Tora these days, you two bastards just disappear form my sight all of a sudden, just like Hiroto! I wonder what you guys keep doing, even if it's not that hard to guess, I still don't believe you two never did it, Saga...>->; but anywaaays, if you didn't, try to be gentle Tora, you're package might be too huge for him to handle, right?? ('Cause it is huge indeed and...mou, nevermind *grins in pervy thoughts*), and remember to tell me how it was.

............I guess I'll go to rest. Ye syes, I don't like when my mind starts to work too much, really. I don't like being a way too much thoughtfull perosn, thinking too much isn't good and yeeeaaah...Shou is going to sleep now, baibai (ox.x)o
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kiss the king

Through the mirror

Hm sometimes life is really really strange...things hat you never thought that would happen just come and make a big "BOOM! I'm here" at our life, and maybe you can't even get out, isn't it??! Well, thanks god that some of them are good. (^-^)

I haven't seen people around that much, mostly because I've beeen spending my time with Reina. We...ahem, we got along pretty well, and I like him very very much...yeah, I do *nods* I also saw Pon, and omfg Pon!! Ifyou ever spit my soy milk again like that I shall punch you!! o(>_<)o

...(o_O) saw that Saga is now Tora's bitch?? Like...WTF?? My bandmates are going crazy or what???

OOh, Shou needs a rest *nods and collapses on bed*
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Mad Tea party

So I've finally seen some people around here! Unfortunelly I haven't met anyone yet besides my alreayd known friends, but I must say, it was darn awesome!!

Just when I arrived, banged against Miyavi-kun, and I must thank him for letting me sleep on his and Kai-san's dorm *hugs them both* I'm really really sorry about all the mess, Kai-san, you and Miyavi-kun are always welcome to come to my dorm, I'm pretty sure that Ai-chan won't mind (o^-^)o~

Also I banged around my two favourite chibi-boys: Keiyuu-kun and Ru-chan! It was awesome to see you both again, just as everybody else, let's gather everybody like on psc company tour again and have a party, what do you guys think??

Now, Shou here need to go, unpacking can be really a pain in the ass sometimes (p.-)...*kicks bags* see ya around!

Ai-chan!! I brought one of my cats with me, hope you don't mind(^-^;)
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So wonderland


I'm Shou, everyone, nice to meet you! Seems like there's a lot of people here and some good friends too, I hope I can see them as soon as possible!